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What does your business need to grow?

From submarines to furniture, we can finance whatever it is your business needs.

With one of the UK’s largest lender panels, Coast Asset Finance can help you find the right finance quickly and easily.

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We are ready to help you business get the finance it needs.

How can Asset Finance help your business?

Your business needs the right tools, equipment, vehicles, plant and technology to run efficiently. 

You can use Asset Finance to buy either new or second hand assets without tying up large chunks of cash or damaging your cash flow. 

Asset finance is becoming increasingly popular, growing 9% a year from 2012 to 2019. Join the increasing number of business owners seeing the benefits of Asset Finance.


Call: 01492 233 808

There are two main types of asset finance, Hire Purchase and Hire Agreements.

Hire purchase – you own the asset at the end of the term and VAT is paid at the outset

Hire Agreements – you won’t own the asset at the end and VAT is payable on the rental instalments. You can have a Finance Lease where you cover the full cost of the asset, plus interest. The asset is then sold and you will get a share of the proceeds (typically 95%).

Or if you only want to use an asset for a shorter period of time than it has a useful life you could take an Operating Lease. You pay installments but it won’t cover the full cost of the asset and you return it when you have finished using it.

How can we help you?

We make the process of applying for and getting asset finance as simple as we can. It’s quick, easy and with a large panel of lenders we can get you great rates and terms.

You tell us what you and your business needs

From computers to submarines, we can find you finance for almost anything

You tell us where you're getting it from

We will work with your supplier to organise payment

You tell us how much you need to borrow

Our lender panel will be searched to give you the best terms we can

Call: 01492 233 808

Why would you trust your business finance with us?

Coast Asset Finance is a family business, based in Llandudno Junction. Run by husband and wife, Tim and Leanda.

As this is our business, every enquiry is important to us so we work hard to make sure you are well looked after throughout the process. 

We are also part of a larger network, who give you immediate access to the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of lenders in the UK.

In 2019 our wider network arranged over £400m of funding for businesses like yours. 2021 looks set to be even better. Lenders take notice of numbers like that so they also work hard to give us and you the best possible service.

The benefit is you get the best terms in the market for whatever you need.

Family service with corporate clout, best of both worlds!

We are ready to help, today!

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I had spoken with many so-called specialists, who gave me inaccurate information, and quotes that were never honoured. Tim asked me all the right questions so that he could offer me the correct package, and never mislead me like his competitors on costs. I have no hesitation on recommending Tim and Coast Funding.


Tim and Leanda are very professional and helpful. They understood my requirements a great deal and their communication and delivery were spot on. Overall, I am very satisfied, and I would use them again in the future. I will definitely recommend their services to others.

S.O. – DG Builders


Call: 01492 233 808

5 Reasons Businesses Like Yours Use Asset Finance

It helps you overcome budget restraints.

If you have, for example, £20,000 a year to spend on new equipment but the asset you want costs £80,000 you’d have to wait 4 years to buy it or buy a lower spec alternative. 

Taking asset finance means you can buy it today and get the benefit from it right away.

It can give you an immediate return on your investment.

Let’s say you need some machinery costing £10,000 which gives you a return on investment of £4,000.

If you paid cash you would be waiting over 2 and a half years to see a return on your investment.

With asset finance, assuming a payment of £2,880 a year, you would see a positive cashflow at the end of year 1 and a 39% return on investment.

An easy way of keeping your equipment up to date

If you pay cash for everything, when it comes time to update it could be a big hit every 4 or 5 years on your cash flow. 

Instead, taking out asset finance means you can take out new facility on the latest model without having to use a large chunk of your cash. 

It’s a good alternative to a bank loan

You’ve probably already dealt with a bank and know the time and hassle you have to put in to get what you need. That’s if they agree to lend you the money. 

Asset finance is designed to be quick and easy to get with fixed payments allowing you to budget easily. So if base rate goes up, you won’t find yourself having to pay more for a loan.

The asset you buy will be the security for the loan, your other business assets will be kept outside the agreement.

You can keep cash in your business

Rather than tie up your cash in a larger, one off purchase, an asset finance facility lets you keep cash in your business. 

That cash can then be used to buy something else you need or kept in the business to invest in other ways.

Call: 01492 233 808

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